Waldemar Wass

Waldemar started out riding as many others as a small kid. One of the differences between Waldemar and some others may be the fact that nothing is ever done half way. Waldemar started riding and that´s what he`s been doing ever since. At first he was doing the jousting tournaments all over Europe and he did well. Starting out in the western type of riding he tried out most of the events but ended up with focusing on reining. Working with horses and educating himself in the sport of reining took him both to USA and Germany to work and learn as much as possible. Now several years later he has earned his share of NRHA money and plaques and is also multiple times a Swedish Champion in reining. Most of his titles is earned by riding horses he both bred, raised and trained on his own. We are now located right outside of the city Vara in Sweden.

Wass reflektioner

Efter arbetsdagens slut, när alla hästar är ridna och man får en stund för sig själv så får man även tid att reflektera över hur konstigt vi människor ofta beter oss.  Hur vi människor ofta (i bästa välmening, av lathet, av oförstånd, av höghod) agerar destruktivt, inte bara mot våra djur men även oss själva och hela vårt art.  Jag tänker …

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