Harvest Reining Show på Bökeberg är inställd

Harvest Reining Show på Bökeberg nästa helg är inställd enligt meddelande på TPH Shows Facebook-sida:

The Harvest Reining Show is CANCELLED.
After the news earlier about the Kvarka and talking to everyone involved we felt we have no choice but to make this decision as conditions are out of our hands. Yesterday and today we made dozens of phone calls and travelled hundreds of kilometres to find a replacement venue which I am afraid we failed to do.
All those that paid entry fees should write to steve@tphsweden.se with their bank details so a refund of all money paid can be made.
We will try to contact everyone that was coming to the show personally but please
“like” this statement then we can see who we need to contact urgently that might have missed the news.
NRHA have been informed and approved the cancellation and I will contact the AQHA tomorrow.
Thank you all for entering this and other TPH Shows during 2013.

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