Ny bok av Hearts & Horses

Just in time for Christmas presents, Mikkel Oster, Hearts & Horses, comes out with a book that will surely lie under many fir trees on Christmas Eve.

Mikkel Oster is a horse psychologist and an esteemed mentor for many horse people in Sweden. This book is part of his strong mission to strive for a higher standard of Swedish horse riding and education. 

– “I want the basic education that all children, young people and new horse enthusiasts receive at the country’s riding schools to be improved. After many years of observation, I know that most relationships between horses and humans are based on man dictating the conditions, in a way that makes it impossible to achieve a true partnership. Around the country there are far too many so-called problem horses, absolutely unnecessary. My job for many years has been to help these horses and their owners, and I want many more to be able to do the same, as the solution is often very simple. ”Says Mikkel Oster. 

The book gives every horse enthusiast the tools to increase their understanding of horses and reach a partnership where both horse and rider can grow and develop as individuals. 

The tools are based on horse psychology and natural and effective communication, which the book goes through, step by step. 

– “All the horse people I have met dream about the freedom and joy of being able to ride across the fields with their best four-legged friend. And, with the experience and knowledge that I have had the privilege of building up, I believe it is my responsibility to spread my tools. I know they can contribute to a world of happier relationships between horses and people, ”says Mikkel Oster. 

Mikkel Oster is up to date with a show at Eurohorse 2020 and his own Sweden tour starting in March at Gothenburg Galoppsällskap. 


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